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Carla Ten Eyck

February 2008

yes, I'm 3

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Bride Wars movie download Blast from the Past movie I cannot STOP taking pictures of my kids! Today is all about Georgie. She is the most visually crazy little girl I think I have ever photographed. I can’t get enough of her! She had gymnastics today and they let me shoot her, which is SO awesome because normally parents are supposed Read More

carla ten eyck photography studio OPENING!

So for the past year or so me and a whole crew of people have been busting our humps on designing and remodeling what is shaping up to be my brand spanking new kick ASS studio!! I can’t even begin to explain what a process this has been for me, my family and everyone that’s been a part of it- and there have been tons of people involved!
I haven’t blogged about it yet, not sure why really… maybe it’s because of the whole ‘big reveal’ culture we live in now, it’s sometime way more exciting to have that then Read More

snow day

This is what having a snow day is all about! Not going outside and getting all cold, noooooo……! But staying in my jammies ALL DAY and cuddling with my monkeys and shooting with my super fun toys. (d3 + 85 1.4 combo switched up with the 14-24 2.8) What’s not to love about that scenario?
Of course they were more than game to play, and were so excited for Mommy to not have to work and to actually say yes to jumping on my bed!
I was working though, just a little. I had learned a while back Read More

mike colon and bob davis

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Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

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Atlantis: The Lost Empire
The Lost & Found Family movie One Night in the Tropics movie
Yesterday a bunch of us headed over to a great seminar by Mike Colon & Bob Davis at the airport. It was full of inspiring ideas and great technical advice. I left feeling motivated and like I was on the right track with my work, which is a wonderful feeling….
During the seminar Cynthia Brown decided to Read More

my hot friend sarah

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One of my oldest friends, Sarah, was visiting this past holiday season and put on a fire throwing show at her parent’s house right after a beautiful snow fall… Of course I had to shoot it and I am so glad that I did- this was so cool! While fire throwing she had music playing which only added to the whole effect.
The Naked Truth download
download Read More

new additions to the ten eyck family!

Three Way hd
The Haunting Hour: Dont Think About It trailer
Nice Dreams
Ghost Ship full movie

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Ghost Ship trailer
It’s a GIRL!!!! My camera is, that is… 🙂 I welcomed a brand new addition to my gear bag on Friday, my spanking new super awesome incredible new Nikon D3! To say I am excited would be an understatement!! I am WAY beyond excited at what this camera is capable of. To add to the fun I had to get some new lenses that I Read More

Georgianne Virginia Hernandez 10-24-46 to 2-10-06

Today marks two years since my Mom died. At 1:30 p.m. to be exact.
I decided to make a slide show of all of the pictures I took during her last week and share them and in doing this I now finally feel like the proverbial weight of the world has been lifted from my shoulders.
I think that in keeping them private I was locking away some of my grief, that now I need to let go.
This slide show isn’t for everyone. My family is not really the norm- we embrace death in a way Read More

one proud mama

Spy Game trailer

OK I know, I know what’s UP with the three blog posts in ONE day? Well, I just have stuff to share and can’t hold it in! So sue me!
Now, this is a super special post as it is about my two awesome photographers Jean and Mike. I think I had mentioned a while back that we were starting some informal training in the off season to keep us all sharp and our minds fresh. Well the first such ‘assignment’ was how to enter for a juried photography show. Jean found one that Read More

happiest of tuesdays

Air Force One video
Sweeney Todd psp

Half Baked move
My buddy Senor Reilly is celebrating a birthday today and I would be remiss if I neglected to mention it and post an obnoxious and crude photoshop masterpiece in his honor!
Jeff has been radio silent for a spell because he is editing his knickers off lately on a huge two hour project for black history month. I for one cannot wait to see it and will keep you all posted on when it is due to air.

Jack and Read More

get out and VOTE

I just got a very important call from Jack Nicholson urging me to vote for Hillary Clinton today! Hillary herself showed up on my caller id the other day and I had to take a shot of it because really? I just did!
Whatever your stance, whoever you are for, get off your butt and VOTE today!!!

Apollo 13 movie

I admit I have taken my right to vote for granted in years past but recently have really appreciated that I am able to walk down my street and cast my vote without fear of being shot Read More

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