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Carla Ten Eyck

January 2008


OH MY GOD!!! Lost is finally back on, I can barely stand it. I know I have been spastic blogger gal lately (thanks Robert Norman) but honestly how can I NOT be??
Martin and Lewis movie Bandits film

The Shaggy Dog dvdrip The Attic movie

Blur trailer

Naughty Stewardesses divx Watchmen hd

This is the best show in the world ever. Ever. Ever! EVER!! Super tricky, sneaky, lots of fun things hidden everywhere in the show.
Wilt film
Watch it HERE!
Executive Decision Read More

somebody SLAP ME!!

Charlie Wilsons War download
Asylum download
Jumpin’ Jack Flash dvd In the Time of the Butterflies dvdrip Catch and Release ipod

download Payback: Straight Up – The Directors Cut dvd

The Day of the Locust movie download
Train download
Last night I got to do something that I never thought I would ever be able to do in my life. If I could flash back to when I was a 12 year old girl, totally and completely in love with Duran Duran, obsessively like every Read More

more best of 2007

The Shawshank Redemption movie download Captain Applejack psp
Alien Uprising move Paul Blart: Mall Cop movie download

War of the Satellites dvdrip
I told you there would be more! And STILL more to come! I felt like I had to separate out some categories for my Best Of’s, and the Details category was just chock FULL of fun images.
One thing I hear a lot from my clients is how they were inspired by a lot of my detail shots for their own weddings. It’s also nice Read More

best of 2007

The Tomb movie download

Downloading Nancy divx

Scenes of a Sexual Nature hd Wizards of Waverly Place: The Movie dvd

‘Tis the season for everyone’s ‘Best Of’s’ to pop up and lest I feel left out and alone…. I am no exception.

The Postman

Feast film

Surfer, Dude download
I am, however, inclined to post a variety of my best of’s- starting with my favorite, FEET & SHOES! I have a bunch more in the works, all of which will be posted Read More

welcome little vincent

Phoebe in Wonderland full movie

The Producers psp
Young, Single & Angry hd
Outing Riley full movie

House of Usher trailer

Callas Forever ipod Polar Opposites download
My new buddy Vincent Michael was born last week to one of my oldest friends, Bethany. I have had the pleasure of being able to photograph all three of her sons when they were just born, and I gotta tell you, this little guy is one cute little cookie!
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang dvd
The Postman download
I am Read More

Hartford Marathon Here I come!

Well the half anyway….. LOL
So some of you know that Steve and I set up this Nike Plus running challenge between the two of us because we are competitive dorks! Well, we added some other runners from across the country as well which raised the stakes a bit and made it more fun! Although beating Steve in and of itself is super fun, regardless….! 😉
So I am new to running, really- this last ‘run’ if you will started right before Thanksgiving till now and I am really enjoying it! Last night I ran the farthest I have Read More

lori + dan e shoot

Romeo Must Die video download Heavens Prisoners movie The Borrowers ipod

The Time Machine

Death to the Supermodels divx

Rescued hd

download Unfaithful dvd
The Big Lebowski hd
Big Mommas House download
Right after Christmas I had the honor of shooting two of the most genuine and fun people- my awesome couple Lori & Dan. I hadn’t met Dan yet because when we booked he was overseas so I was really excited to meet him and get to know him better. We decided to Read More

brian aselton memorial 5 k

Single White Female
Renee and I admiring steve’s killer parking space
Miss Jeannine Jersey, stylin’ before the runI had to use Mike’s literal long arm of the law for this crowd shot, I am just too short. Well, he is good for something!!
Mike took this for me because he knows I needed some inspiration to run FAST.Gotta have my calf shot, right?Me & dot Com download Rescued movie Paul right at the top of that second total bull shyte hillMy own private monkey cheering section, complete with signs that said ‘GO MAMA GO!’ Right?Mike & Read More

the Reverend Mark Welch, rest in peace

Gran Torino film
Johnny Mnemonic dvdrip
Scenes of a Sexual Nature dvd
A Prairie Home Companion

On New Year’s Day my best friend’s father, the Reverend Mark Welch Cry-Baby psp , passed away, surrounded by his family. They had known it was coming, but it doesn’t matter, nothing can prepare you for death. He had been sick for a while and so Dodie asked me to take some family pictures for them at her son’s birthday party last June. Of course I would take these pictures. But it was one of the most difficult things Read More

nike plus + c 10 ike + stevedepino = some crazy math!

Otis full movie Skinwalkers movie download
The Evil Dead psp Zathura: A Space Adventure ipod Awaydays The Doors movie download Fire Down Below film So…. you may have noticed that fancy schmancy little hoo ha to the right, that details my last run? Look, it’s RIGHT THERE!! How cool is that? I had a super sweet Santa give me this to keep much better track of my runs and I have to say it is super addicting! I took it out for its inaugural spin today and after much fidgeting Read More

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