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Carla Ten Eyck

November 2007

the A-B-C-10-ike Mix Master in the HOUSE

My secret ambition of becoming a DJ, a secret no more!
The Easter Egg Adventure buy
It is ALL about the music, most times in life. How much better do you like a movie when the soundtrack is awesome? Does ‘Reality Bites’ come to mind? The movie was good and all but that soundtrack was great. ‘Garden State’ was the stuff of music legend. And batting clean up I have a dual volume here, ‘Elizabethtown.’ And before you jump all over me and say the only reason I saw that was because of Orlando Bloom, I say what is Read More

ding dong's big adventure

I have been getting so many supportive emails from a lot of my loyal friends and blog readers, THANKS!! A lot of you are asking how I came to get into running- and I have to say reading this book ‘The Courage To Start’ by John Bingham was SO helpful. It is a great book, I highly recommend it! If you are looking to get in shape, or just take better care of yourself- I have learned a few nuggets of wisdom that I would love to pass on, after this little story…So Tuesday was a running Read More

wedding at the spa at norwich inn

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Tremors II: Aftershocks video
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In early November the power of our CT PUG group was tested- by a hurricane. One of our PUG members, Richard Esposito, got stuck traveling in the Bahamas a week longer than he had planned on staying and couldn’t get back in time for a wedding Read More

'the amazing race' part 1 of many

Lord Jim download Dog Soldiers buy download Bullet Boy movie
Steve and I looking svelte before the raceThis is what I drove down in, super beautiful!Guilford in the fogSteve likes his calvesI love this light!
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Hood of Horror full movie
Steve and his MomBob 2.0 representing North Branford How the Garcia Girls Spent Their Summer dvdrip You know it’s Mary by the Starbucks cup
Columbus Day buy
Yes, Steve is totally getting passed by a childI can look peppy, even though I am totally faking it
The Art of Self Defense dvdrip
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tomorrow is the BIG day!

Red Dawn dvd Hercules divx
and this is the LITTLE picture, apparently!
So tomorrow is the big day, the Thanksgiving 5K in Branford! I read that it’s going to be like 50 degrees, which is awesome. Today I am taking a break from running as yesterday I ran, though not in all of that bizarre snow! What was THAT about? I wasn’t really prepared for it, and was actually kind of bummed because my running mate Renee and I created a cool 3 mile loop through my neighborhood that is pretty challenging and I was really looking forward Read More

kristin + matt wedding at the aqua turf

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There are parts of weddings that touch certain people, photographers, I guess I am talking about more than others. For me it’s the parent dances. They are about pure emotion- a Mom dancing with her little boy, now all grown up and starting a family of his own. I see it from my point of view, as a Mom- I wonder how I’ll be when I dance with my Jack on his Read More

portrait house

So Steve The Miracle Worker ipod beat me to the punch and posted about sponsoring his portion of the run with all proceeds going towards The Portrait House. You can read all about it HERE. Our great friends Mary & Justin Marantz started this organization and Steve and I are both board members and are actively trying to raise money to build a house in New Haven once we reach our goal! If any one is interested in sponsoring me per mile or kilometer, that would be wonderful! Please email me if you are interested in donating!
Tyrannosaurus Azteca Read More

come on STEVE! RUN WITH ME!!!

download The Prestige movie The Road to El Dorado divx So I decided to make a decision about my goals for the coming year and start working on them sooner rather than later. Topping the list is an outwardly non-photo related item: getting in shape. The benefits are obvious, and I really need to buckle down and just do it. So I did- I re-joined my old favorite gym where I love the people that not only work there but the people that go and ran for 35 minutes on the treadmill yesterday. It felt so good, I Read More

mallory + chris e-shoot


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Special Dead video
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The Haunting Hour: Dont Think About It psp

Breaking Glass divx

Mallory & Chris capped off my four day shooting intensive (I will post about the other 2 weddings soon!) with a really fun engagement shoot in their hometown of Stratford, CT. One of my favorite parts of my job is learning about new places right here in Connecticut. Stratford, you say? I say STRATFORD!! Read More

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Jesse Stone: Death in Paradise ipod

So Steve DePino is not only a terrific photographer but has quickly grown to become one of my dearest friends these past few months. One of the reasons I love this guy so much is not only for his totally ridiculous humor but because he is learning to really value the importance of networking and lending a professional helping hand, as we are all learning this. In the not-too-distant past Read More

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