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Carla Ten Eyck

August 2007

face first films

Plague Town movie download
New Rose Hotel movie
Identity Theft movie I had the distinct pleasure of having dinner and (mostly) drinks last night with the way too funny for words, Jeff Reilly of Face First Films fame. Many of you see his comments on my blog and are probably wondering who this joker is. Man or woman? Friend or foe? Well, I am here to tell you he is one of the funniest, most endearing guys you will ever meet! I met him for the first time at’s
Contract Killers ipod
PUG Read More

Gigi's first day of school and summer adventures recap

Exit Wounds divx
Then She Found Me ipod Femme Fatale full movie
The Day of the Locust buy
Amityville II: The Possession
Are You Being Served? trailer

Scooby Doo! The Mystery Begins trailer

Footloose buy
George of the Jungle on dvd Talk to Me Mad City full movie Well, I didn’t get to post this but I totally have to- I had a bride and groom drive 3+ hours to meet with me from New Jersey (hi Tom & Charisse!!) and tell me that Read More

10,000 and still going strong!

download Wild Things: Diamonds in the Rough movie

Are You Being Served? movie
Flash Point trailer
Then She Found Me dvdrip
Goodfellas hd
A Sex, Liesnd Videotape dvd
Cadillac Records psp Tirante el Blanco film

Roger & Me psp

My buds Justin & Mary have hit and passed the 10,000 hits blogging milestone a few days back and I have been meaning to post about it in celebration! Justin and Mary really rock the house in so many ways, I can’t even try to sum them Read More

liora + michael

A Sex, Liesnd Videotape video

Geronimo trailer Bordertown dvdrip
Brotherhood of Blood psp

3000 Miles to Graceland film
The Indian in the Cupboard film

The Contractor psp

Spread video

To cap off my super duper weekend of shooting I met up with Liora & Michael in their stomping grounds of beautiful Boston. It was threatening to rain the whole time and of course as luck would have it as soon as I parked it down poured like crazy! Me and my precious gear remained dry, thank you very much! So we Read More

meghan + bryan wedding at the waterview

Frontline: Dreams of Obama full movie
Big Wednesday A Simple Plan video
Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within movie download
Its a Wonderful Life ipod

Scooby Doo! The Mystery Begins ipod

The Morgue psp
I Am Sam download download Glory Road movie
download The Secret dvd
Meghan & Bryan went from one shooting extreme to the next with me- when we did their engagement shoot in February it was so bitter cold I thought my fingers were going to snap off! Then come their wedding Read More

technical difficulties!

A Big Hand for the Little Lady buy Hide and Seek download
Wyvern trailer The Tragedy of Macbeth ipod I have been having email issues all day and am not able to view my emails, please be patient or better yet call me if you need to send me something urgent! 860-989-3773 Sorry for the inconvenience!
Colour Me Kubrick: A True…ish Story movie download

Get Carter psp

download Green Lantern: First Flight dvd

Frontline: Dreams of Obama buy

Suffering Mans Charity aka Ghost Writer divx
Tirante el Read More

here you go Jason!

THE RULES:1. Post these rules before you give the facts. Spread dvdrip 2. List eight (8) random facts about yourself.

The Cook film
Designing Woman movie

Half a Person ipod Dogville download
3. At the end of your post, choose (tag) someone and list their name (linking to their page.)4. Leave them a comment on their blog letting them know they’ve been tagged!
OK, OK, after reading Jason’s 8 random and amazing facts, I am going to post mine…certainly random!1. I used to be on a synchronized swim team in high Read More

janet + tom wedding at great river country club in milford

Cheaper by the Dozen 2 hd
Hancock ipod
Scream 2 trailer

Collateral Damage download
Deep Impact dvd
download Frontline: Dreams of Obama dvd

The Fast and the Furious ipod

Excalibur hd
Hide and Seek trailer The Four Feathers film Third time’s a charm at the Great River Golf Club in Milford! I love working with their wonderful and helpful staff- and this is not just idle blog banter- I have unfortunately worked many places where the staff is rude and unhelpful, but Jennifer and her crew know how to Read More

download Spread movie
I have to say that this first ever PUG retreat was such a hit! I can’t believe how motivated I am and inspired by my fellow photographers- you would think that maybe the energy would run out? It surely did nothing of the sort! I truly believe that everyone had a fun and informative time and left feeling closer to everyone that attended- if our friendships were strong before they are so much stronger now. Karaoke will do that to you, I guess! THANKS LAURA LANDAU
Around the Bend download

more carla, more steve = more fun

Rocky III dvd
Astro Boy movie download
Bad Day at Black Rock trailer Flight of Fury trailer The Defiant Ones divx The Contractor full movie My Year Without Sex I am trying to catch up on some back posts that I NEED to get up here for you all to see! So there will be a flurry. A while back I second-shot with my very good friend Need I say how much fun we had? And again, we rocked it, completely communicated during the ceremony and came away with some really fun work! Read More

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