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Carla Ten Eyck

May 2007

it's already been broughtin!*

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The Order film Who’s bringing sexy back, baby?? That’s right. Me.Last night was the most fun ultimate fighter PUG shoot out EVER! Jacklyn Greenburg was kind enough to let us invade her place on the shore and shoot to our hearts content! It was such fun to look around and see a beach crawling with photographers, all shooting, posing, some feeling awkward, some working it, all while trying to create Read More

choo choo boogie

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rockin the park & the town

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Jack-O film Godzilla Against MechaGodzilla psp On Friday I had the distinct pleasure of photographing Heather & Steve at Hartford’s Elizabeth Park- yes, I said HARTFORD! West Hartford needs to stop taking credit for it, it’s totally ours. It is also the oldest municipal rose garden in the country, super beautiful and a place that engaged couples LOVE to be photographed in! And Read More

jeff + becky reilly wedding at the water's edge

Brace yourself….this is a loooooong post!
So here it is….the big crazy fun Reilly / Bashta wedding! Steve and I had such an incredible time hanging out for the day shooting all of the fun details but mostly the people…everyone was so expressive (especially Jeff & Becky!!) and just about wore their hearts on a flag that they flew high and proud. It was nothing short of amazing.
One of the challenges of the day was that I JUST shot a bride last week getting ready in the exact same suite at the Water’s Edge! So I was trying to Read More

engagement shoot, deliverance style

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Well, not really! I have never seen the movie Deliverance
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Tomorrow Never Dies divx , nor will I EVER, especially after what Shawn told me about it! There was a wooded path, which we opted not to take based on our irrational fear of Deliverance-style hillbillies lurking in the woods of Read More

gayle + ted wedding at the interlaken inn lakeville ct

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The wedding season has begun, and am I glad I am starting off on this foot! I had the pleasure of shooting the most amazing couple at the Interlaken Inn in Lakeville CT and it has some really cool nooks that we were able to discover. One of which was the street- I decided to lay on the actual street to get the best perspective and had Jean, my Read More

new CT photographer forum, sign up!

Hey all- my buddy Paul from Studio Foto had the wherewithall to create a new CT Photographer’s forum CJ7 dvdrip
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El cartel film Running on Empty Dreams full movie Antwone Fisher psp where we can post ideas on things that can help us shoot, etc. It also is a bevy of info for upcoming PUG meetings etc. Sign up is required, so go on, do it, you know you want to!!
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Barbie as the Princess Read More

tis the season

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Ah, the season is officially starting for me this Saturday! I say officially only because I have been ‘unofficially’ working since January- with engagement shoots and guest books that need to be in hand for the wedding! I just finished up Trish & Alan’s Read More

the happiest of mother's days

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Party Monster video Mother’s Day is this Sunday and if you haven’t either gotten your Mom something or are planning on doing something, you still have a few days left! Now get off your butt and do it! In honor of Mother’s Day, I am posting a Read More

i am stalking myself

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You Kill Me

In going through the rest of my engagement shots from this past weekend, I found a few more that I wanted to share! Nothing too deep about it, I guess! Just kidding, I guess there is- and it’s something I am happy to share with my clients and potential clients. It is so easy to think that the work is Read More

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