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Carla Ten Eyck

April 2007

kickin' it NYC style

Garfields Fun Fest
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The Bands Visit video
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The Eye trailer
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they are framed by a Picasso in the background- of course I forgot to write down which one!
Yesterday was one of the best days, all around, in general I have had! For a myriad of reasons(not in any particular order!)- I got to shoot; I Read More

time to blog about fog

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Corky Romano movie
Today was the weirdest combo of weather I have seen in a while! I had two shoots today, this first of which was at Harkness Park in Waterford with the wonderful Janet & Tom! It was all cloudy and weird with spotty sun while driving down- when I got to Harkness it was super foggy (my favorite weather btw) and I was super psyched. Then we hit a small random patch of sun, which kind of seemed to follow Read More

You down with P-U-G? yeah u know me!

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Away from Her divx
Ah, so. Last Wednesday’s meeting was, AS ALWAYS, a super blast! Paul from Studio Foto did a bang up job of demoing Successware. He is such a rockin’ public speaker- to quote him, he is ‘AWESOME!’ He doesn’t call himself awesome, tho he should, cuz he is! Paul & Krystal’s studio rocks Read More

artsy fartsy

Mosquito the Rapist aka Bloodlust movie
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The Hunted video

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Mars Attacks! This past Saturday I had the pleasure of attending the Hartford Art School’s Gala Fundraising Hoo Ha with my evil stepmother Jeanne. It was super formal, there were people in furs! They were sweating b/c it was so hot but they were there nonetheless! Older crowd for sure, black Read More

read it!

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I was just told about an amazing book, The House of Good Hope, by Michael Downs, a former sports writer from the Hartford Courant. I haven’t read it yet so forgive my ignorance- but- it is about five wonderful men I had the pleasure of going to ‘The Pub’ (Hartford Public High School)as it is affectionately known as, back in the day! It follows these men from junior high Read More

school yourself

school / skul/ vt. [ME scole, fr. Gk schole discussion, lecture, school] 1:
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to teach a life lesson or correct “I’M GOING TO SCHOOL THAT BEEYOTCH” 2: to trounce or beat “I GOT SCHOOLED
Recon 2022: The Mezzo Incident hd Cloak & Dagger
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The Adventures of Robin Hood Read More

see, there was this red boa…

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United 93

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The day started off innocently enough. Had lunch with Mary & Justin of imagine-imaging which, by the way was awesome! Those two are so supportive and eager to help and listen- which is so important. Then Friday rolled around and I was having PUG with drawls…I hastily sent out a few emails to try and round Read More

oye como va!

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Ok, so I am back, sorry about the service interruption! It’s called a VACATION, you should all try it! Went to Costa Rica with some of the best friends a gal can have, Mary, Jaime and Schmartin- all RIT alum, Read More

wedding madness!

The Flyboys This is a picture of what my bathroom used to look like only a few short months ago! Steve, I got you beat! 😉

Perfume: The Story of a Murderer trailer

On other, completely unrelated news: Just came across a pile of papers that were my most special pile of papers back in the day- my wedding planning papers! I had a binder but it had to get chucked, all warped and crazy- but, I found my song list for my DJ and it is SO embarassing that I felt the need Read More

'yo lil' dawg, daddy's got to bounce'

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Vampires: Los Muertos
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download Princess Protection Program dvd bounce: bounced; bounc*in’ a: to go away from, leave, depart “LET’S BOUNCE-THIS PARTY IS BEAT” b: to start away from one point or place in favor of another “LET’S BOUNCE OUT OF HERE” – syn BAIL, JET, BALL OUT, KICK ROCKS, BUST OUT, ROLL

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