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pull over!

The Great Buck Howard dvd
mike grabbed this shot of me- I was helping him focus for his self portraits- you know you love my hat!
Walking Tall 3 trailer
On Friday I helped Mike with his latest shooting assignment. Jean and Mike are going to be entering some pieces in a juried art show as part of our photography sessions. What a great way to conquer so many things that we all want to do! Here is how we got started: 1) research the guidelines of the show1a) come up with a realistic timeline- Read More

easy like sunday morning

Scary Movie 2 psp


Mildred Pierce High Anxiety download Sixteen Candles movie looking a little like wet rats, but at least we’re smiling!
One Eight Seven divx Ten Empty movie

The Price of the American Dream II
the push up challenge Black Dynamite movie download mike hanging his head in shame after getting WHOOPED by a girl
We did it, we ran in the shyte drizzle rain for a little over 3 miles- and we had quite the group! There were THREE first timers (with our group anyway) Read More

run forrest, RUN!

Maximum Overdrive download

Mrs Henderson Presents movie download
The Tripper movie download
Man on the Moon ipod
Just thought I’d do a running update with a different kind of shoe shot! You know I love my shoe shots…. what a way to personalize it though, right?So I have a training plan in place, thanks to Renee: 3 days of running cut with 3 gym days and one day off, usually Fridays. It’s great because I love my gym, it is so non-threatening to me and comfortable. That is one of the most important things if you Read More

say hello to my little friend mike

download Creepshow III dvd

Arabian Nights movie download
The Constant Gardener
Blue Steel divx
So you may have noticed my fancy new header up top? Well let me introduce you to the man behind the shots- the newest addition to my regular shooting team- Mike Romano! I met Mike through Dominique, my best friend and assistant- he works with her husband. So Mike and I met up to talk shop and as soon as I saw that first off he was a Nikon shooter (he actually has almost an identical gear bag Read More

trash the dress, hartford style

The Last Word full movie
download sex and the city the movie movie
Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan download

The Super hd
Amanda Harris took this shot of me shooting! Where do I think I am, Antarctica??
download Lolita
So on Sunday I coordinated an impromptu trash the dress session with my good friend and trainer Renee at Hartford’s Constitution Plaza. I feel like I have spent the past week there, I had another two shoots there on Saturday- one was a head shot and then I had a friend of mine, Read More

becky + steve wedding at the hartford club

The Lookout film Tourist Trap trailer

Stir of Echoes: The Homecoming download

My last wedding of the 2007 season wrapped up November 10th with Becky & Steve’s ceremony in Wethersfield and the reception at The Hartford Club in downtown Hartford. With a stop at one of my favorite places to shoot portraits, Hartford’s opulent City Hall. It’s funny because I have shot there a bunch of times and there was this brightly colored canvas that I sort of noticed (actually wished it was not there, to be honest!) but never really Read More

asuka book + carla ten eyck

I love pumping people up, it is something that comes easy to me, I enjoy it, it’s real and I think I am pretty good at it. Now, when it comes to pumping myself up, I have been told that I am not as good at it. I’m shy, what can I say? Well, maybe not shy but I am not sure what the word is…you feel me though, right? Well I would be seriously remiss if I didn’t post about this very exciting email that I received (and many of you photographers received as well, I’d wager) from Asuka Read More

amazing race part 2 of ?

The Eleventh Hour psp
my teeth look AWESOME!!! Starting Out in the Evening buy the reward…Don’t I look super hot when I run? Me and my boy .com

The Color Purple video

Renee trained me well!!

3:10 to Yuma psp

Julie & Julia hd

I Tried dvdrip
This morning I ran my second of this 2007 holiday season with my old friend & trainer Renee and my new friend and fellow Nikon shooter Mike! Christopher Martin’s 5K race in New Haven was outstanding- in so many ways- great energy, Read More

see real women: really see women mini documentary

Tales of the Riverbank hd

Are We There Yet? movie So Jeff Reilly
Banshee!!! ipod
and the Face First Films crew have out done themselves with this mini-doc on my show opening this past October. I can’t explain, but I sure will try, how big a deal this is for me. I remember when I had the idea to start shooting this project. I remember thinking this was bigger than me, that it really had nothing to do with me, per se, but it had everything to do with the question- ‘How do you Read More

face this

Seance on a Wet Afternoon film

Today was a big fear-facing day for me. I feel like I have been kind of preaching to a good friend of mine about how wonderfully talented he is and how he is going to do well for himself if he ventures out on his own and believes in himself. Easy for me to say for many reasons- one being that I truly believe it, I see it as clear as day. And two being it’s not me that has to leave the security of my job to freelance and start my Read More

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